Terilyn Wyre

Terilyn is all about COMMUNITY! This passion and commitment shines through in every class that she teaches and in her every interaction. She teaches from the belief that yoga is a dance with the Divine, a dance for all; big and small people, old and young, rich, poor, straight and gay, all races, all religions, all levels, EVERY BODY.

Terilyn's classes are infused with mythology, poetry, fun music and humor. Her authentic love of people creates an inclusive environment for EVERY BODY where each student feels equally welcome and valued.  You can learn more about Terilyn here.

Curtis Yu

Curtis has formally studied Ceramics at Western Washington University, Tacoma Community College, Whatcom Community College, and at Quyang Dingci Chinaware Co., in northern China. In 2015 he started Yu Tang Ceramics.


Fascinated with the endless expressive possibilities of clay, Curtis embraces pottery as a sensory journey from the earth as clay, to being molded with human hands, to being set permanently in fire.  He makes contemporary functional and nonfunctional wares influenced by Chinese art and culture. He enjoys making wheel thrown pieces applying a variety of different textures that accentuate the way glaze appears on the piece. He teaches the heart of pottery through exploring with his students the language of clay.  He offers small group classes for adults, teens and kids, as well as private lessons.


Nicole Bratt

Seattle newcomer & Midwest native, Nicole (RYT-500, Level 1 Reiki certified), is committed to holding space for students to be who, what, and where they are so that they may benefit from this elegant practice we know as yoga. She completed her 200- and 500-hour teacher trainings at Yoga Tree San Francisco, and specializes in Restorative, gentle, Hatha, and prenatal modalities. She currently teaches at Seattle Yoga Arts.  Learn more about Nicole here: nicolebrattyoga.com

Join Nicole and Amber as they draw the Art of Being event to a close with an offering of gratitude and healing with a restorative yoga sound bath.

Gretchen Yanover

Locally grown Seattle cellist Gretchen Yanover has been attached to her instrument since she began playing at the age of ten in her public school music program. She was immersed in the world of classical music until her college years, when she expanded her range to include playing in bands. Once she was introduced to a loop sampler, Gretchen found a new voice for her instrument. She began to improvise and compose in this context, creating her own instrumental atmospheres and melodies. She has two solo albums to date, and a 3rd project to be released Spring 2017.   You can read and hear more from Gretchen here.


Dr. Anup Mulakaluri

Dr. Anup Mulakaluri is a Naturopathic Doctor, specializing in Ayurvedic Medicine. His practice focuses on treating the whole person; body, mind, and spirit. He uses clinically-proven natural remedies in treatment. This includes food and herbs, lifestyle and health-promoting daily routines; as well as Ayurvedic detoxification and body therapies. Dr. Anup’s passion is empowering individuals to transform their life and health. For individuals with chronic diseases focus is placed on restoring healthy physiology and minimizing pharmaceutical dependence.  Dr. Anup is the founder and president of Natural Rhythms Integrative Medicine, a community-centered, multi-care natural health clinic in the Wallingford/Fremont area of Seattle.

Austen performing hi res.jpeg

Elizabeth Austen

As the Poet Laureate for 2014-16, Elizabeth Austen traveled to all of Washington state's 39 counties, offering writing workshops and giving readings. Her collection, Every Dress a Decision (Blue Begonia Press, 2011) was a finalist for the Washington State Book Award. She’s performed at Poets House in New York City, Minneapolis's The Loft, the Skagit River Poetry Festival, Spokane's Get Lit!, Seattle's Cheap Wine and Poetry and Bumbershoot, among others. Elizabeth produces poetry programming for NPR-affiliate KUOW 94.9, and makes her living at Seattle Children’s Hospital, where she also offers poetry and journaling workshops for the staff.  You can read more about Elizabeth here.

Meg Agnew

Meg has taught yoga at Seattle Yoga Arts since 1993.  This January she began teaching a weekly morning Qi Gong class that integrates a stretching and strengthening warm up with flowing sequences and acupressure point stimulation.  Meg is a certified Qi Gong teacher studying with Master Lee Holden in Santa Cruz, CA.


Amelia Love Clearheart

Amelia Love Clearheart is a delighted native of Seattle. Amelia expresses her regard for nature, truth and Spirit through original composed and improvised music, poetry and movement. She was trained both in music and dance at Cornish College of the Arts, where she now teaches ballet and musical theater dance. Currently, Amelia is deeply engaging the sung and spoken poetic expressions of cosmic and earthly phenomenons. Looping her voice around her own lyrics, Amelia creates soundscapes and textures as currents upon which her sharings flow. She is a self-proclaimed ‘daughter of Causmick Lawgick”and both a generator and servant of Love.

Jodi Boone

Teaching yoga in the Seattle since 2001, Jodi has deep respect for the teachings and traditions of yoga. She loves to share this through a fluid and meditative style of hatha flow yoga. The practice of yoga creates a sense of wholeness, peace and interconnectedness with everyone and everything around us. Using breath, movement and music, Jodi guides practitioners of all levels through a creative flow, weaving in yoga philosophy, and allowing quiet space for reflection. In addition to teaching classes, workshops and teacher trainings in Seattle, Jodi also teaches retreats annually in Asia and Europe. She is also an Ayurvedic Therapist, Licensed Massage Practitioner and Birth Doula. You can learn more about Jodi's practice here.


Michael Tuskan

"Before an artist can transpose “the idea”, he or she must confront the blank canvas, the unexposed film or the distance from the back stage to the performance coliseum. The beginning is always the most intense part of the creative process. I was lured in for this reason, experiencing genuine amazement when the first mark hits the medium and slowly turns into new realities not yet seen in this physical realm. Having a background in graffiti, and influenced by my Hawaiian heritage, my style correlates with detailed line work, organic flow, analogous and complimentary color palettes and cubistic abstractions. My work also seeks to grasp the mysteries of the unknown, or the spiritual side of things. As I paint or draw, I feel as if I am not the sole proprietor of the artistic creation, but I believe that there is a higher power guiding my actions to produce desired outcomes."  You can read more about Michael's services here.


Jeff Wildenstein

The life force, prana — often symbolized by light—is an energy force that can be harnessed and controlled through focus and attention. Jeff leads an energetic practice that gives you permission to sink into your flow and weave your light. His classes are devotional yet dynamic and diverse…bold yet introspective, weaving progressive sequencing rooted in alignment. The nature of his class compels practitioners to a sweet spot of intensity where the mind becomes focused, the breath deepens and the mirror awaits.

Allison Hays

Allison Hays has been using & teaching the therapeutic benefits of essential oils for over 15 years.  Though extremely complex and powerful natural compounds, essential oils are simple to use and can have profound impact on body, mind and spirit.   Allison combines her essential oil training with intuition to help guide and empower her clients to trust nature, and trust themselves.   We can all be oil intuitive.   Learn more about Allison and essential oils athttp://oilintuitive.com


Davis Reed

Davis is an Artist in movement, space, and sound. In each medium he continually discovers that the Self expresses its essence with divine virtue--the Beauty unfurls its splendor, transcending space and time, always creating the present.

Amber West

Hello!  Thank you for your interest in Art of Being 2017!  I am so honored to be partnering with all these wonderful people to give form to the perspective Art of Being. I have dabbled in arts most my life and to be honest it was always something I had a strong attraction to, but was never really very good at.  It wasn't until I got in the healing arts that I began to understand that creativity is the life impulse, and at it's core there is no distinction between being (breathing, thinking, communicating, loving) and traditional art (music, textiles, visual art, performing arts). Our lives are creative expressions and each moment truly does have unlimited possibilities.  In challenging times I remind myself the depth of what Art of Being means to me and find that drawing that perspective into my mind always re-positions me with more vitality, optimism, strength and clarity.  It is a joy to be sharing this perspective and event with you.  My hope is you find the experience invigorating, refreshing and joy-filling... all while giving to good causes!