Energy medicine focused on wellness.  

This quality of care has been a gateway for many to heal their body, clear their mind, steady their emotions and experience their consciousness lifted. 


Acupuncture& Resonant Healing

Acupuncture works with our energetic matrix through the insertion of tiny needles  in specific points on the body to influence our body, mind and emotions to move to a more balanced state of being.  The needles act like keys to unlock gateways to remind the body how to heal itself, prevent future imbalances and expand our consciousness.

Sound Baths

Throughout ancient traditions sound was a common tool used to harmonize and strengthen the energy and health of people.  A sound bath is a meditative experience that invokes deeper states of relaxation, allowing your body and energetic fields to rejuvenate, benefiting your whole self.  

Energetic Massage

Tui Na (pronounced “Twee Naw”) is a form of massage that focuses on moving energy through the channels, releasing tension in the muscles and fascia, helping blood and qi (energy) flow with more ease.  This form of massage is effective at helping patients process emotions held in the body and mind, release stress, recover from acute injuries and address chronic conditions.