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Grief & Grace:  Women's Experiential Inquiry
Saturday Mar 31st at Seattle Yoga Arts

Throughout history women have found ways to come together, to support, nourish, and love one another. In doing so, we have quietly, and most often slowly, made significant changes in our families, communities, countries, and the planet. We have done this over and over again. And yet at this point in time so many women are feeling powerless, lost, isolated, unsupported, unseen, unloved, and buried by grief.

The time is ripe to look within and inquire into our internal experience, the stories we tell ourselves, and the stories our bodies and words tell others. In doing so, our self awareness may expand, allowing for deeper wisdom, receptivity, and release.

Join Amber and Nicole for this three-hour inquiry as we unpack and discover some of the underlying energetics of grief and how we experience it. In this experiential gathering of women, we’ll explore a variety of practices for handling and holding grief, and investigate how we might better support ourselves and one another.

This session will include gentle yoga movement, journaling, meditation, Restorative yoga practice, and a sound bath.

Bring a multi-page journal, your writing implements of choice, and an eye pillow/cover.
Please wear comfortable, layered clothing in which you can move with ease.


Audio Pharmacology™: The functional uses of sound energy in modern living, health and spirituality
Tue Apr 3rd at 5 Lights Wellness
6:30- 7:30pm
Suggested donation $10


I'm thrilled to be hosting Shannon Harris, sound healer and creator of Audio Pharmacology.  In this evening talk he will discuss the application of sound energy in modern medicine, healing, wellness and spiritual practices.  Sound/vibration has found it’s way into many healing traditions since the beginning of time.   Through sonic geometry, rituals, ceremonies, instruments, performances, music, mechanical energy (construction), medicine, and brain/organ entrainment this sacred healing art form has become the force behind majority of modern inventions utilizing the electromagnetic spectrum.  Hermes Trismegistus, Pythagoras, Tesla, Einstein, Fabien Maman, Barbara Hero, Hans Cousto, Donna Carey, Sharry Edwards and a host of other professionals/practitioners through out history has attested via extensive research to its many capabilities, important properties and functional uses.  This discourse aims to highlight usages for sound in modern living, healing and spiritual practice. 

If you are attending please bring your cell phones, crystals, laptops and modern electronic devices for a live demonstration. 

More about Shannon.

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Private Sessions with  Shannon Harris
Limited time only!  
Sign up for a Deep Tissue/Muscle Sound Massage with Photonic Light Meridian Therapy with Bio Energetic Dual Laser Therapy session!

30 mins: $45
60 mins: $90 (discounted at $60 for 60 minutes for 5 Light Wellness Clients)  

*Used to reduce, inflammation, stress, tension, improve circulation and relieve pain.

Audio Pharmacology™ 5 Element System Medical Qi Gong with Shannon Harris
Wed Apr 4rd 12-1pm
Thursday Apr 5th 6:30-8pm

This workshop is an introduction to Audio Pharmacology™ theta wave  brain entrainment techniques coupled with Fire Serpent Healing Qi Gong.  Participants will attain knowledge on deep lower dantian breathing, Qi (energy) circulation, color therapy, purification sounds and movements.  Please wear flexible clothing.

About Shannon:

Practicing/learning different forms of medical, spiritual, scholarly, martial Qi Gong since 2006, Shannon created a unique fusion of techniques with custom energy/organ system music called "Audio Pharmacology™ Theta Wave Fire Serpent Qi Gong". Since 2012, he's been traveling locally and abroad teaching this form to adults, children, patients and clients.


Natural Health Fair
Saturday April 7th
Details Here

Join us for a community a day of mindful conversation about Natural Healthcare, Prevention, and taking charge of our Well-being.  We will be offering presentations, demonstrations, giveaways like free therapies and goody bags. This is a family and kid-friendly event held at the beautiful Nalanda West Monastery in Wallingford neighborhood of Seattle.

What will shared at this Health Fair?

Ayurvedic and Naturopathic Medicine
Spiritual Counseling
Mental/Emotional Wellbeing
Healing Power of Sound
Art of Movement
and more...

Music Jam
Saturday April 7th
@5 Lights

 I'm so thrilled and honored to have the pleasure of making musical medicine with Amelia love Clearheart, an extraordinary woman, healer, artist and mystic. 

We welcome you to join us for this free event.  Come listen, or if you have an acoustic instrument feel free to bring it and jam with us! 

We'll have hot cider and musical magic to share with you.  We'll do it picnic style, if you'd like to bring some snacks for yourself or to share.  I have some blankets, bolsters, etc. you can use to make yourself comfortable.  Feel free to drop in, no need to RSVP.