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Sound Bath @ Yoga Soleil

  • Yoga Soleil 503 S. Meridian Puyallup, WA 98371 (map)

Imagine laying comfortably on a yoga mat, supported by a bolster and nestled in blankets.  A soft vibration sweeps over your body, filling your ears with angelic resonance of crystal singing bowls.  As the sound continues you feel yourself sink more into your bones.  Your breath slows down and you attune to a more expanded state of consciousness.  This is a sound bath.  This experience offers the mind to unwind and the body to go into a deep state of relaxation, allowing for healing and integration to occur. For many, sound bath experiences lead to more restful sleep, reduced anxiety and depression, increase in stress management, and a feeling of heightened awareness. 

A perfect way to end your weekend and transition into the new week.

Sound baths are very activating on a cellular level. To ensure the most from your bath, please hydrate before and after attending.

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