Numbers in Love.

Chinese and esoteric teachings discuss the process as numbers.  How originally there was One, then One, split into two, yin and yang (fear/love or contraction/expansion).  Two becomes three (signature for consciousness/Father, Son and the Holy Ghost.) Three reveals four, which gives us "withinness and withoutness"* and then five, which represents magic as seen in nature through the five elements and then six.  Six, which shows the interconnections of all things.  It goes on until we reach 10, and at 10 the ancient Chinese say from 10, comes 10,000 things, or all things.  

Each number reveals a field of consciousness.  This knowledge is important to me as an energy worker because it helps me understand how to move energy through various fields for healing.  But outside of that what value does it have?

It shows there is only one choice ever to be made.  We live in a dual reality.  While we can experience states of Oneness, by nature it is not our primary experience.  So this means all things can come down to yin and yang, Love and Fear.  To see from a numeric standpoint how numbers are esoterically related I think offers a anchor for our worldly perspective and how things exoterically are related.  If we can know from our own experience the state of Oneness, and from our own experience the state of twoness, then we can find compassion, strength, and feel the pulse of souls urgency to choose Love.  

When we can ground into our soul, our capacity to hold the broken heart of the world expands immensely and we become bigger, stronger vessels of Love.

*Buckminster Fuller