Healing Meditation

Below is a healing meditation, but first, it helps to know a bit about what happens in meditation so that when you do it, you are primed for the effects (knowledge primes us for experience).  In ancient traditions meditation was understood as a form of spiritual technology.  Now we use tools of science to measure and observe the biological effects.  If you were to monitor brainwaves of someone sitting quietly, and compare it to someone meditating, you would see that in the person sitting quietly the brainwaves would likely be in some state of Beta as they are thinking, or maybe they would dip down if they were starting to dose off, but what you likely wouldn’t see was any sort of coherence in the brain wave pattern.  Contrast to a person meditating, you would see neural coherence and they would be in an Alpha or even Delta phase.

Coherent brainwaves are the gates to the magic.  This coherence is the result of neural entrainment, where the brainwaves become synchronized.  It’s just like if you were to walk into a room with a hundred clocks ticking, over time all of them would start ticking in sync.  In meditation we use our awareness like a bridge to connect ourselves to the cosmic vibration, what is often referred to as the Divine, God Consciousness, Unity or Life Force.   When we do this our energy system is fortified, our biology changes in response to the new information coming in and we experience healing, mystical experiences and discover what it means to go beyond ourselves and connect to a greater mind.  More and more studies are showing people are overcoming severe health conditions (even illnesses western doctors have determined terminal) and in a matter of months be completely healed.  (Images of people’s energy fields before and after meditation will show an incredible difference in vibrancy and consistency.)

Meditation is an attunement to a coherent vibrational pattern.  It has different effects than just relaxing because we fully go beyond ourselves.  Most of our energy is tied up in the past or the future and it’s this habit that makes it difficult to be in the present moment.  When we give our full attention to the present moment we discover there is no past or future, there is no sense of self, who I am and what I like or want or hate.  There is no identity. There is not even a purpose to meditate, meditation is simply all there is.

In this deep state of awareness, the energy field of all our organs, tissues and cells start to resonate in coherence with this greater life affirming energy.  Our body becomes primed for life and it’s innate healing ability is activated.  Energies that are not in alignment with this strong vibration pattern, cease, leaving us as vibrant, coherent beings.  When we get ourselves into this state of energetic coherence and from it draw up a strong intention, such as to heal the body, our conscious choice is amplified through the cosmic vibrational network and information (energy) on how to heal specific ailments is resonated.  Each time we meditate and give ourselves this experience of coherence our body is given the experience of full health and reminded how to heal.  Done consistently and our energetic system, in turn our biology starts to change.  Many studies now show these profound effects of healing meditations.

Onto the meditations!

Meditation #1:  Balancing the charkas

Can do sitting or lying.  Get comfortable.  Set a timer if you need to, but if possible to just ride it out that is best. 

The purpose of this meditation is to bring the body into energetic coherence and use the power of intention through blessing and balancing the information centers of your personal consciousness.

Turn your attention to the dark space in your head.  Focus on it and feel it for several minutes.  Then turn your attention to the dark space around your head.  Focus on it and feel it for several minutes. 

Then move your attention to the dark space that occupies your throat.  Focus on it and feel it for several minutes.  Then turn your attention to the dark space around your throat.  Focus on it and feel it for several minutes. 

You do this focusing in and out on the following areas.  Spending minutes on each attention point.

Space above the navel
Space below the navel

Once you have attuned all of these spaces (chakras) turn your attention to your entire energy field.  Feel it.  Then turn your attention to the space all around your aura.  Feel it. 

Done properly, your body will be in complete coherent resonance and you will feel different than when you began.

Move your awareness back into the space of your perineum and bless it with gratitude and love.
Move your awareness into the space below your navel, and bless it.
Do this, moving up through your energy centers. 

When you finish blessing the head, move your attention to 16” above the top of your head.  Feel it’s dark space, then feel the space around it, then give it a blessing.

To end, we seal this meditation with gratitude.  Feel in your body the state of wholeness and complete health.  Gratitude is the energetic marking of receiving.