Music for Health

Energetically, the human experience (body, mind, emotion, spirit) is composed of oscillating energetic fields.  These fields are constantly responding to and acting upon our environment, both internally and externally.   Music is a multi-layered, multi-dimensional, dynamic interweaving of various vibrations.  Resonating deep with our vibrating energetic core, the profound effects of music and sound are seen in every culture of our world and throughout time.  Listening to music affects us physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. 

I want to share just briefly a few thoughts on how music affects us physically and emotionally.

Physically as music enters our ears the vibrations are converted to impulses that travel to the thalamus, which is a relay station of emotions, sensations and feelings.  It is through this exchange we associate emotional meaning and a physical response of moving to the music.  Emotionally music creates a mood landscape that we respond to on sub-conscious and non-verbal levels.  It’s why when we experience a beautiful piece of music we are often left speechless.

The stimulation of the thalamus also influences our sleep patterns, metabolism.  Linked to the limbic system and the endocrine system, our breathing, pulse, circulation and gland secretion are influenced. *

In general music decrease muscular energy.  From a holistic perspective, our bodies can hold memories and habits from the past or current stressors.  Maintaining a small amount of this tension can in some ways be beneficial, but if there is too much energy stored this way it can inhibit balance and growth and healthy functioning of the body.  Moving energy through the muscular-skeletal system, as well as the fascia and organs themselves is a way of clearing out and releasing any excess energy that has built up.  This is crucial for the vitality of our organs, clarity of our mind, and expression of our emotions. 

We spend most our life attuning to one of the many aspects of ourselves.  When we experience music that we enjoy, whether it is in a healing setting, a concert, or a small house gig, we can experience unity with all parts of our being.   We can enter a higher state of consciousness just from the vibrations of the sound and it’s interaction with our vibrational core. 

Practitioners of Tantra, Matnra and Nada Yoga have long claimed that all structure is created by sound- no matter how ethereal the sound may be. As we look to the healing power of music, I can’t help but wonder and explore what structural changes are taking place within us when we listen to, create or even just think of music.  From changes in the physical body, mental structures, emotional and belief systems, to the integrated structure of unity, music seems to have unlimited influence on the human experience.