It’s Spring. Are you paying attention?

In Chinese elemental theory Spring is the season of Wood energy.  Wood energy governs the functions of the Liver and Gallbladder in renewing, rebuilding, planning, and taking action.  Wood is also the energy of the Hun, translates as cloud-soul.  Hun is the yang aspect of our Soul.  When in harmony, the Hun gives the right amount of rise and movement to stir the Shen (Spirit).  If Hun is depleted the Heart (Shen) suffers, and we experience symptoms such as depression.  If Hun is in excess the Heart is agitated and we experience mania or aggression.
The heart is the anchor of our attention.  If there is an imbalance, then our attention tends to be scattered and dull, dwelling on the past or anxious on the future, or lost in the ego's desires.  If the Heart is balanced then the energy of the Hun will be able to do its job and caste our gaze to the future.  Then we experience one of the most profound gifts of being human- holding onto nothing but the moment and yet fiercely pursuing our own creative unfolding.
You can support harmony of the Shen/Hun relationship by paying attention. So much of what we do is a subconscious reaction.  Start paying attention to what you do, how you feel, and the thin threads of coincidence.  Spend time being quite.  Stop thinking and tune your attention to your inner silence.  And then make a plan. 
As we come into spring, energy of renewal, we have a natural inclination to make change, to clean up, to start fresh.  Everyone goes about making changes slightly different.  When I want to incorporate a new habit I think of it like a game.  I give it a trial period and I make a ritual/plan for a designated amount of time.  For example I like to do a cleanse in Spring, so I mark a day on the calendar to go through the house and donate things that I no longer need.  I pick a week to do a detox and I decide what that means for me given the state of my health that year.  

These actions feel good while doing them (and after) but the action isn't what I'm really interested in.  For me, they are simply tools for paying attention. Any act may be beneficial, but only partially if we don't pay attention while we are doing it.