Sound Baths

Sound Baths are my most frequent events and they are held multiple times throughout each month.  Sound Baths are meditative experiences where participants are invited to lay or sit in a comfortable position for the duration of the bath.  They are called sound baths because of how the sound waves "wash" over you, clearing you energy field and nourishing the body.  Baths have powerful effects on our brain waves, entrancing them into deep states of healing.  Baths are ideal if you are dealing with pain, depression, anxiety, monkey mind, stress, fatigue, digestion imbalances, or are seeking spiritual experiences to expand your consciousness (among many more).  It is not ideal to come to a sound bath if you have a pacemaker, a broken bone or are experiencing an anxiety attack. 

These baths, while given in a small community setting, are deeply personal, and experienced uniquely as everyone is in a different life process.  This makes sound healing a powerful modality for strengthening the individual and supporting a community of conscious healing.