Keeping your Chakras Balanced through Winter

Winter is a time of year that resonates strongly with our lower chakras.  Chakra, translates as spinning wheel.  There are many chakras in the body, but there are 7 considered to be the main ones.  These chakras sit along our spine, beginning at our tailbone coming up to our crown. Those who are clairvoyant report each of these chakras is about the size of an orange, spinning 3-dimensionally.   Each chakra acts like an information center.   This information is energy that is expressed through our mind, emotions and body.  When balanced, the chakras allow for higher states of consciousness to be embodied.  When out of balance, the chakras can express as limitations.

Not all texts agree on the information governed by each chakra.  This is partly due to the spinning wheels overlapping.  In esoteric acupuncture the lower two chakras are seen as energies that govern our sense of stability, collective unconscious, power, fame, how we manage our money, and sexuality. When balanced, these chakras create a tremendous amount of strength and solidity within our energy field, and in turn our mind and body.

There are many ways to balance the energies of the chakras, acupuncture is just one of them.  Another way to bring harmony and vitality to these centers is through diet.  Every food and drink has its own vibration.  In Chinese medicine, the etheric spleen is understood as governing the function of absorbing and assimilating these vibrations through our energy field.  This means what we consume becomes a part of us.  If we are eating foods that are dense, or stressing our body out, that energy directly influences our chakras, which in turn influences our mind, emotions, and biology.

Our energy fields are always resonating with the vibrations of nature.  In both spring and fall there is the natural pull to release, making them ideal times of year to clean up our diets and detox.  However, as we consider that the lower chakras are in strong resonance with winter, coupled with our cultural stress with holidays and year end, a little mini cleanse might be helpful to keep you feeling steady.