Shake Off Sugar with the 7-Day MySmart™ Start

As we celebrate the holidays, parties and family gatherings are not the same without delicious foods: puddings, pies, name it!, and good wine.

For people who love to eat, and have a sweet or salty tooth, it's especially during this time of year that cravings heighten. Sugar/refined carbohydrate cravings can lead to hormonal imbalances in the body, increased inflammation, and unnecessary weight gain.

For those looking to ease off sugar/refined carbohydrate cravings in the new year, there's a wonderful program called the 7-Day MySmart™ Start. This program is customizable and is simple to follow, even for busy folks on the go.  

Stepping off the sugar roller coaster does not require eliminating sweets and tasty foods. When we can keep our blood sugar stable, and incorporate balanced macro and micronutrients, taming sugar is doable. We don't need to quit sweets cold turkey, as that can be jarring to the body's system. 

The 7-Day MySmart™ Start takes a holistic approach to easing off sugar cravings,  and support you in your health goals.

In early January 2017, Michelle Wong, Lifestyle + Wellness Strategist, will be guiding a group through the 7-Day MySmart™ Start. This program is perfect for those who wish to ease off cravings, transition to a healthier lifestyle, and experience the positive side benefits, which can include: better sleep, more energy, more calmness, weight loss, decrease in inflammation, and more.

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For questions and to received a discount in the program, please contact Michelle Wong ( Orders must be received by Dec 30th, 2016 to start the program in early January.

- Post contributed by Michelle Wong