From Self-Care to Heart-Care

We know how to take care of ourselves.  Now whether we do it or not is a different story, but access to self-help information is readily available to us.  Special thanks to the internet.  And yet we’re still suffering.  People, regardless of their health, income, social status, location, or age, are suffering.  Even when we fulfill our desires- have a healthy and functioning body, access to higher education, get that dream job, have money in the bank, fall in love, etc. - we can still be laced with feeling empty, lonely, depressed, separated, or anxious. 

We can have everything we need and want and still be suffering from lack of love.  When we realize this, self-care can mature into heart-care.

We can think of self-care as taking care of the basics.  These are important things such as eating healthy, getting the right kind and frequency of exercise, sleep, stimulation, healthy relationships, etc.  These are all foundational to living vibrant lives.  This is what we have ample information at our finger tips about. 

Heart-care is more subtle.  Here we find leaders such as Deepak Chopra, Wayne Dyer, Byron Katie and many more.  We often find these leaders in healthcare and spiritual circles because they’re the people dealing with people.  They have spent hours listening, observing and in discussion with people about their suffering.  Even still, they can only point the way.  The biggest difference between self-care and heart-care is the former is typically advice that can be followed by many and successful.  Heart-care can only come from within. We can be inspired by others, we can listen to their advice and suggestions, but when it comes to matters of the heart, the journey becomes a soul affair, one that can only be experienced to be understood.

Energetically we can support the heart-path by balancing the energetic system, supporting heart energy and opening the gates to the finer frequencies of the heart.  Keep in mind energy is information.  As this information runs through our body it subtly informs our consciousness of what we are experiencing and it’s this information that our actions become an extended expression of.  For instance, someone can be standing in line at the grocery store, seemingly calm on the outside, but inside wrecked with worry about their ill parent.  Their choices on what food they’re buying, how they interact with the checker, etc. are all affected by their internal experience.  Another example could be a young woman struggling with self-confidence has learned how to compose herself in the work environment, but has developed chronic shoulder pain from the unresolved internal tension.  This is happening all the time.  What’s happening in our mind is being reflected through our body, thoughts and actions.  Our body is broadcasting this information through our energetic system all the time. 

To support the heart, we must first balance all the energy centers of the body and any areas where the body is holding stress (like the shoulder in the example above.)  Once there is a stable balance of the denser energy systems we can begin to attune ourselves to the more subtle energy (information) that is happening.  By attuning to the finer energies we can begin to experience life from a place of heart knowing.  With a solid foundation integrated within us, we can experience expanded dimensions of love.