Sinking Intention into the Movement of Your Qi

In the workshop I’m giving this month we started by talking about how we can rest our attention on our qi, and we can also meet it with intention (awareness with deliberateness).  Dancers do this literally as they move their body with precision from one position to another.  In the moment their awareness becomes singularly focused and their biochemistry, mind and emotions respond to the direction of their intention.  

Any form of energy medicine, be it acupuncture, sound, reiki, yoga, art, dance, some forms of massage, all share the ability to help draw your awareness to the vast energetic matrix that makes us up. Once you can rest your awareness on your vital force, you can start to meet it with your intentions.  When this happens we no longer need to rely on outside treatments to keep us healthy.  Instead wellness starts to rise from within as we begin to understand the depth of what it means to take personal responsibility for our own health and well being.  Then energy medicine becomes a tool that can take us further down our path, unlocking energy paradigms and configurations allowing us to experience expanded consciousness.  With expanded consciousness comes the resolve of old patterns and habits and an opening into a more peaceful way of being.