See Qi & How to feel your energy

It can be difficult to understand how acupuncture works since we can’t see our qi.  At least not with our naked eye, but there are now tools, such as Kirlian photography, that allow us to see our energy. 

Click HERE to see the video imaging of energy

Acupuncture influences and directs qi.  Qi is our life-force.  It’s the energy that propels every function in our body.  Qi emits a vibration that creates and moves our thoughts, feelings and emotions.  Qi is a personal experience; it bathes every cell in our body.  It is the ultimate connector, that seamlessly intertwines our experience with the experience of the universe.
In ancient eastern cultures, qi was a fundamental pillar of their worldview, penetrating medicine and their way of life.  In our modern western worldview, where we favor science and data, we are now starting to explore qi through the studies of quantum physics.

Click HERE to see kirlian videoing captures the effects of acupuncture


Check out this short video on how you can feel your qi!