Resonate Healing

Acupuncture, sound therapy and massage are all modalities that can help us move toward deeper states of wellness.  Wellness is a path that resonates with more integrated and refined frequencies.  Everyone’s path is different and unique to them, just as every living being has a unique vibration.  Like a finger print, your vibration is unique to you. 

We are composed of multiple energy fields- the energy field of our limbs, core, chakras, our organs, cells, our thoughts and emotions – and like a symphony each of these fields have a unique frequency that together send out an integrated tone.  At our best, all our fields are humming strong and harmoniously.  At times of support we may find one or more of our frequencies is less than optimal, deficient in quantity or quality. 

As we move through life we’re naturally drawn to certain things and repelled by others.   This is the law of attraction and the law of resonance in action.  The law of attraction, stating that like attracts like, explains why we may be drawn to a certain career, or person, or land.  Why we crave to be by the water, or in the heat of the desert, why we may fall in love with someone, why we may dislike others.  Our energy is always dancing with the energy of our environment and the energy of those in our field.  Things that fuel us literally do so on an energetic level; as the law of resonance states that the stronger frequency will entrain a weaker one. 

The law of resonance also explains why modalities like acupuncture and sound healing can help us heal the body.  By “humming” certain frequencies within our field, the body is reminded of its natural state and rises up to be at its healthy and optimal frequency.  Vibrations can release mental, emotional and spiritual blocks by untangling the energy flow allowing us to connect with what is available to us in the moment from the universal energy around us.