Natural and Effective Support for Fertility

When you want to have a baby few other things in life seem to matter and complications with conceiving and holding to full term can be devastating.  Fertility challenges are faced by many and while there is much help available the journey can still be full of stressful challenges, heartache and loneliness.  This is where 5 Element acupuncture can help.

Acupuncture as Natural Support

Acupuncture is a simple and elegant medicine because of the way it works with the body’s own resources to heal and thrive.  We don’t know exactly how acupuncture works, but we do know that when you adjust the energetic system in the way that it does, it has a direct effect on the body, mind and emotions.  When the energy is out of balance you can have all sorts of symptoms and ailments making it difficult to conceive or carry to full term.

As an acupuncturist I’ve found that working with the energy to ensure it is flowing freely and evenly, building and easing it, and tailoring the treatments to the person’s energetic constitution can have remarkable effects in overcoming fertility challenges.   5 Element acupuncture is a specific kind of acupuncture that works with the energy in these ways.  It is different from other forms of acupuncture in the way it focuses on a person’s constitution.  Many people have fertility challenges and yet no one has them for the exact same reason.  While some common threads may run through,  when it comes down to it, each of us is unique in our makeup and experiences.

This uniqueness is important when it comes to energy medicine.  Take for example two bodies of water, similar in size and location.  On the surface they appear the same and yet where you to take a look in them they would be composed very differently; filled with different fish, rocks, growth.  Perhaps one gets slightly more wind exposure or the rivers that feed into it come from different sources.  This is just like how different experiences have an impact on each one of us.  Because 5 Element acupuncture can take these subtle differences into account the treatments can target to the root of imbalances and bring things into harmony in a more sustainable way for that individual than just targeting the symptoms.