Integrate into the New Year. Start in Water.

With something new comes the anticipated release of something old.  Perhaps this is why so many of us look forward to New Year: We can put a giant period at the end of one phase and move whole heartedly into another.  This works well if we take time to integrate. 

Integration is a movement that when we’re in a state of harmony happens naturally.  Where we experience blocks (meaning bound up energy in our body or mind) the process of integrating is slowed.  Just like if we eat when we’re stressed out, our body isn’t able to do a proper break down, and we are not able to take in any nutrients.  When we eat in a moment of peace, our body has the full capacity to do its job and we can physically feel the benefit.

Integration happens on different levels and in unique ways throughout the seasons, our days and even our moments.  The intention of this article is share with you how integration can be supported through winter/water element.  It can be helpful to know a little bit about the nature of water, which you can read about here.

With the New Year comes a rush of energy from our newly set goals and intentions.  Gym memberships go up.  We clean out cupboards, replacing holiday candies with veggies, we tighten our budgets, set goals for career development, etc.  All good things and marked with the intention to better ourselves. It is also heavily influenced by our cultural conditioning, rather than a response to energy most present in nature. 

If we follow nature’s lead into the New Year, we start in water.  We start in silence, in self-reflection.  Water energy takes us to look at our own processing. 

What is binding you up? 
Is there an emotional habit or heartbreak preventing you from unfolding?  
Have you really looked at it? 

This is the first step of integration.  Integration is a movement that can be felt in the energy body and is reflected in the mind and/or body.   When our body suffers with chronic conditions, when our mind is tied up over certain thoughts, when we express ourselves in limiting patterns, we may benefit by taking time to go through the movement of integration.   This means first taking time to look at what life experiences you haven’t fully dealt with and then finding what you need to be able to pull those experiences deeper into your being so they are no longer something you become a reaction to, but are a part of you – you own them.  To own an experience we have to go through the process of extracting the gem of the learning and from it we do more than grow, we mature.

As the New Year fast approaches us, among all the goal setting, envisioning of your resolutions and the new you, perhaps first take even just a moment to reflect and make sure you know exactly where you’re moving from.  You may find that you have to move within before you any other changes can be successfully cultivated.