Hidden in Them Bones

It was once believed that our bones carried within them the whispers of our greatest potential.  It was also thought that all of one’s life experiences left energetic memories in the bones.  These beliefs created the perspective that our past was always with us, yet always balanced by the momentum of our future.  This belief was expressed in the Chinese character for bone, Liao, which is drawn as a bone with wings.  Many acupuncture points contain this character in their name and when stimulated can help re-center one’s awareness on their own beautiful depth, and capacity, and help them extend their greatness into the world.

From the biggest perspective everything that exists is a form of Qi, or energy.  As we “break” this whole perspective into parts we find energy can exist in both particle or wave forms.  Just as we can see the currents of wind expressed in the shaping of the famous Monterey cypress trees along the coast of California, we can see in each of our unique bodies the expression of Qi running through and around us.  Physically we know that within and around the human body is a complex matrix of energetic currents and vibrations with many layers and qualities.  The denser tissues have stronger energy currents; the densest, being the skeletal system, creates force fields that all the other layers of energy organize around and give shape to our bodies.  The strongest of these currents run through our skull, backbone, pelvis and legs, literally keeping us grounded to the earth and reaching toward the heavens.  Perhaps now we can begin to further understand why the ancient Chinese concluded that the bones were responsible for much more than giving the body structure.

Our quest to understand the nature of the universe has literally taken us to the moon, through the depths of the ocean, and into the core of the earth.  And yet it seems we are still drawn back to our own being.  The potential depth of understanding our body, what it offers home to, and how it connects us to our past, present and future, is infinite.  We each get to choose how far down the rabbit hole we go in our quest…