Finding Balance

When we lose our balance, our ears can no longer make sense of our heart’s whispers.  Whether we are overwhelmed or uninspired, or feeling disconnected from our sense of purpose, we find ourselves at a cross road:  We choose to maintain our deaf ear or we choose to re-center, re-connect with our self and re-gain balance.

Balance is not a static.  It’s not a state to be obtained, and it is not the absence of anything.  Balance is dynamic.  It has a pulse, a breath, a quality, it is a sensation, an intuition, an inner disposition – we feel whet her we’re in balance or not.

When I’m helping a patient who has lost their sense of balance two things I consider are the balance between yin and yang, and which points will help them the most.

Part of this feeling of balance comes from the flow of yin and yang energies in our bodies and activities.  The character for yin is drawn as the shady side of a mountain.  Yang is the sunny side.  One defines the other, which is why they are always drawn together.  They express relativity:  Yin:  more quiet, subdued, receptive, cool, moderation.  Yang:  louder, active, giving, hot, passion.  Life has relatively more yang energy moving through it, so if for some reason our energetic system gets shifted and there becomes more yin, we can feel off balance until it is corrected.

In Chinese medicine, acupuncture points are named by Chinese characters that describe the quality and effect of the points.  The characters are specifically chosen, yet have many meanings.  For example, the character for the first point on the Heart meridian is Ji Quan.  Ji is drawn as a combination as a man extending himself between heaven and earth, both with his words and efforts of his hands, and the character for vision and hope.  Under Ji is drawn Quan, the character that means pure, clear, source or spring.  Together they mean from our inner source we can move forward by using the wisdom from deep within to reach the heavens while extending our roots on earth.  Here we reconnect with a wholeness of who we are in the well springs of the heart and find balance, harmony and joy in all we do.*

With harmony between yin and yang and the right energetic points realigning the head and the heart, balance can once again be experienced, even in the midst of chaos.

*Point description from D. Katz, Characters of Wisdom.