Dwelling in the Bones

The ancient Chinese discovered energy runs through the body in a specific pattern, which they called meridians.  As they observed more closely, they discovered that each of these meridians when stimulated had a different effect on the person.  They began to distinguish the meridians by naming them.  They also discovered that along these energetic highways there were openings where the energy could be influenced more strongly, and that each of these openings had a different effect on the system.   In our western approach to acupuncture, we refer to the meridians and points as numbers, but to the ancient Chinese, they were named specifically for their effect and location.  Some points are named very poetically, like “To Dwell in the Strength and Protection of Bone,” while others are named more after their physical location, like “Wrist Bone.”  Across ancient cultures the name given to something as of great importance, as it was seen as a way to connect and communicate with the gods.  While we focus on making our communication short and to the point, a detailed poetic sentence could be the name of a child or, as in this case, a small energetic point on the body. 

We can take the moving of energy that we experience in acupuncture and begin to understand (some people can even see,) that everything that exists has an energetic structure or what is often called, an energetic signature.  This signature has a specific resonance to it.  The resonance is like DNA in that it informs the existence of the thing- be it a person, plant, rock, etc. This vibration tells a story, and that story is unfolding for as long as it is in existence.  As conscious beings, we are able to influence our vibration through the choices we make.  Every time you receive acupuncture, or other body work, every time you eat or drink, every conversation or dream you have, is an energetic exchange that either enhances, decreases or maintains your energetic body.  The science of change is really the science of vibration.
If you’re stressed out, anxious, irritated or depressed a few easy things you can do on your own to help shift these vibrations is:

  1.  Change what you look at:  The spaces we spend most of our time in- our home, office, car, etc. has a strong effect on our energy.  The things in our space put out their own energy, as well as how things are arranged.  The science of Feng Shui is an extensive study of energetic arrangements for spaces.    If you’re feeling stuck in a rut try changing up your space.  Throw out old stuff.  A current popular bookyou might check out:  The life-changing magic of tidying up.

Of course if you don’t have time to do a deep clean you can simply add some plants, flowers, set out something beautiful to look at.  Light a candle or sage with the intention of clearing the space.  Having something beautiful and something that smells good in your space can make a world of difference on how you feel.

  1. Change what you eat:  Eat more greens.  Greens, in color and chemistry, nourish our blood and strengthen our heart.  Even if you eat a pretty clean diet, try changing it up (except for greens.. keep those babies for sure).. but if you typically eat the same veggies and spices, change it up.  Be sure to throughout stale spices or rancid nuts/oils.  Eat fresh foods that are in season. 
  1. Change what you read and listen to:  There is a magic about words and music that has a great power over our thoughts and moods.  Spend a few minutes a day reading something uplifting like poetry or a positive book.  Read something that encourages creativity and stimulates insights.  Listen to music that uplifts your soul, that makes you relax and sway your body.

Spend some solo time being quiet.  If we want to live a heart-centered, peaceful  life, we must be still to understand the fine frequencies of our heart.