Dancing with Spring | Wood Element

I spend a lot of time talking about the seasons with my patients.  Our conversations go beyond the weather as we chat about what the seasons means and how they relates to health, well-being and, of course, acupuncture.  Nature reflects the energy that runs through it.  This means as the energy changes so do the seasons.  As we move into spring, the energy warms from the winter and what was consolidated and quiet becomes active and dynamic.  A movement of direction emerges.  We see this in plants as the warmth starts to open up their pores and their fresh scents fill the air.  There is a movement leading out of hibernation and into upward growth.  With this movement we can also intuit a vision, a striving to accomplish a mission or goal.  We also see creativity emerge as the potential of winter gives birth to new beginnings.  We see this in the beautiful expression of plants, and in animals we see more mating, creating, and manifesting.

The Chinese called this energy Qi. Qi being the concept of life force, the energy that organizes and animates living matter.  Qi runs through our body, minds and emotions and if we spend a moment contemplating our own life force, we can feel our deep connection to everything.  When we see how things are connected to the movement of Qi we can begin to understand what is in balance and what is imbalance.  As we consciously reflect on this relationship we can begin to understand what is needed to restore balance, harmony, and ease when it is lost.    We can understand how to self-preserve, self-cultivate, and self-transform.  This becomes knowledge of oneself and as we become more knowledgeable of the depth of our own selves the doors for amazing and wondrous possibilities fly open.  We discover how to direct our own nature through the alignment of this greater life force, guided by our observations of how nature responds to its movement.  All of this can stem from a single insight, a curiosity, an awareness of the relationship between man and nature, man and energy, man and Qi.

As we move into spring this year I invite you to contemplate on this movement, notice it in nature and in yourself.  Let your inquiry take you beyond the overarching aspects of spring that I’ve mentioned above and into the subtleties and nuances of this energetic quality and discover how it relates to and affects you.  Come to know yourself in relation to this Spring.