Benefits of Meditation

The awareness that meditation takes away something negative is becoming more common and accepted knowledge:  For example, of the many benefits of meditation includes reducing:  stress, anxiety, depression, busy or unfocused mind, pain, hormonal imbalances, emotional distress, and risk of many diseases, including cancer.

The list above is just an example of how meditation can take you from in the “negative zone” of experiencing life to neutral.  The art of sitting quietly can uproot many of the dis-eases (habits, insecurities, as well as mental/emotional/physical discomforts) we experience in life when we’re not on the cushion.  This creates within us a sense of neutrality.

Why is this important?  Because you have to have a solid ground zero before the doors to experiencing life on the positive end of the scale open up.  When meditation shifts from being that thing I should do, to that thing I occasionally do, to part of your daily or weekly routine, a new sense of center develops.  A gravitas, or weightiness, emerges within that enables us to stay grounded against the waves of anxiety, depression, stress, etc. to the point where these feelings may arise but the response to them and their effect is significantly altered.

When we eliminate the old way- the “in the negatives” way – of responding to our experiences, and stand on our new ground zero, endless and creative possibilities open up enabling us to break our habitual response to stress and emotions.  Now we find ourselves responding to stress by way of conscious choice rather than a conditioned response.  Once we can find ourselves standing steady on ground zero we can begin to self-develop and self-cultivate rather than self-destruct.