Acupuncture for Love

Love is a tricky subject to talk about but it’s one I can’t resist.  For me, understanding the wild nature of love is really what it’s all about.  Which is why when a patient came to me with the primary purpose of cultivating love, my heart lit up and inspired me to think more deeply about the relationship between love and our energy field.

By nature humans are transreceivers; we transmit energy and we receive it from our environment and experiences.   Like everything, love is part of our energy field.  Energy is simply information.  This means how we experience love is a reflection of the information stored in our energy field.  This energy is influenced by our past (recent and deep), by our biochemistry, the thought patterns that are most active, and perhaps most powerfully, our own volition.  We can, through our own will, change our energy fields.  And here’s where acupuncture comes in. 

Acupuncture helps clear the energy fields of blockages, allowing the deep information stored in our field to be more easily accessed.  It refines the energy matrix, allowing us to let go of patterns, habits, and thoughts that are no longer serving us, in turn altering how our consciousness experiences living.  Acupuncture helps increase our resonance and can specifically increase the vibrations of love in our field.  And, acupuncture helps clear our mind so we can see our behavior, motivation and responses to love more clearly.

Yet understanding the matrix doesn’t quite capture the depth of love.  Perhaps this is why it is often said love is really the language of poets.  If we sit quiet enough we can feel the deep hum of her secrets whispering through our bones.  If we cultivate the inner space love will grow as vibrant and raw as a wildflowers in an open field, illuminating her deep spirit through us.