5 Element Acupuncture- What it Means to Treat the Whole Person

Why Acupuncture?

People commonly seek acupuncture for help with physical symptoms, whether it be to help decrease pain, insomnia, fertility, headaches, allergies, surgery recovery, or to boost the immune system, acupuncture has been found to be helpful with these and many more conditions.  Some also seek treatment to help balance their mind and emotions.  Ailments such as anxiety, depression, OCD, ADD, to foggy brain, rumination, excessive worry or fearful thoughts, unstable emotions, or habitually stuck in one feeling.  Acupuncture can give someone an experience of not being plagued by these conditions while at the same time start bringing their internal systems (energetic, hormonal, physical etc.) back into a more natural balance.

The benefits of acupuncture don’t stop there.

I fell in love with this medicine when I realized how it also helped bring out the best qualities of each patient. Patients often tell me they feel in their own skin more, or they respond to situations with less anxiety and overall experience more easiness.   Natural talents or skills become more stable, helping one have a clearer understanding of things that may be challenging in life and how best to respond to them.  It can bring what one might be grappling with on a deep internal level to the surface for better processing, allowing forward movement to happen in a harmonious way.

“Each acupuncture point contains a rich source of vital energy as well as an opportunity to open a person’s life, allowing it to blossom forth with richness… five element acupuncture is not about matching a point to a symptom.  It is about helping someone to become full of balance and harmony in their energy so they can then stride forward and realize their dreams.” – D. Katz

This medicine can help someone who is feeling at their wits end and gently bring them back to their core where they can feel on a visceral level a re-connection to the aspect of them that is steady and vibrant.  Equally it can take someone who is well on their path, attracting and offering good things in the through their life and help them do so even more.

5 Element Acupuncture – How it works

The goal of 5 element acupuncture is to help a person be in harmony with their life unfolding on all levels- body, mind, spirit, emotion.  This doesn’t mean that this style of acupuncture can’t help relieve ailments in a tangible way.  On the contrary, helping a person move forward in their life can very well mean helping their body feel and function better.  It’s the way this is done that makes the difference between the whole person being able to move forward through their challenges or just part of them.

For example, say there is a patient with hip pain.  No two people suffer from the same hip pain.  Even if the cause was the same, say a skiing accident, the way it would manifest and hold in their body would be different, and if unresolved quickly the contributing or complicating factors would differentiate them even more.  Here is where 5 Element shines.  Based on the holistic perspective that a human being is a complex integration of physical systems, mind, emotions and spirit, it focuses on understanding how this integration is unique for each patient, and how past experiences as well as passions, desires, fears, etc are being processed.  Treatments can then be offered to help support the entire person in their healing.  Whether it be an acute or chronic condition, 5 element acupuncture works by using points and needling techniques specific to each person, offering them support that best suits their whole being.