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Kick pain to the curb.  Raise your energy.  Thrive on your path.
Get the support you need to take it to the next level.

Do you lay awake at night staring into the dark as your mind loops thought after endless thought, wondering how in the world you’re going to make it through the day tomorrow without a wink of sleep?

Or perhaps you struggle to keep engaged – unmotivated, unclear, clouded by depression – and you wonder, was it really worth getting out of bed this morning after all?

If you’ve got something that keeps you from thriving, you’re not alone.5 lights-123

Energy Medicine for Wellness:

5 Element Acupuncture
Esoteric Acupuncture
Tui Na- Energetic Massage
Sound Healing

You’ve probably heard that acupuncture can help with pain.  And you heard right, it does!  Because acupuncture works with the energetic system, (our blueprint for our body), it helps with everything from pain to insomnia, to allergies or hot flashes… and so much more! 

As we expand our medical model from addressing disease into expanding wellness, the more subtle aspects of life can be illuminated and considered in our health and self care.  As all imbalances first arise in the energy field; we can use energy medicine to catch symptoms before they take root in our body.  We can address anxiety, depression, mental fog, poor memory, and short attention span.  We can even work with our energy to expand consciousness- strengthening our vibration to help us deepen our sense of self, our path and our connection to life.

The path of wellness is the gateway to living a heart-centered, mindful and conscious life.  A life that is aware of its soul unfolding and of the richness available in every breath – despite any external situation.  A life that is deeply in-tune, aligned and curious – creating a wide pasture for the soul to graze, deepen in strength, and learn the lessons one needs.


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