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Welcome to 5 Lights Acupuncture!  I’m Amber West, owner and acupuncturist.  I practice a unique form of acupuncture called 5 Element, including the use of moxabustion, essential oils and tui na bodywork.  I have worked with people of all ages struggling with stress, injury, insomnia, anxiety, depression, acute and chronic pains and a wide range of illnesses.  I specialize in working with the mental-emotional-spiritual root to address why the body isn’t healing itself or is remaining unbalanced.  More about this practice here.

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Everyone faces unique challenges that require different treatment plans and options.  I offer various types of sessions to meet each need:
Private Practice
Community Care
Acupuncture & Sound Healing


“I came to know Amber when I had my very first MS attack.  Since then she has helped me become more calm and grounded. When it comes to the MS, I believe her techniques calmed down my nervous system. Every time I leave her practice I have a sense of peace about me. She is very focused on the whole person. She takes the time to really address every issue you have weather its physical, emotional or spiritual. She is very caring. You can tell she has a passion for helping people. She is a very important part of my care team, perhaps the MOST important. If you are seeking acupuncture in Seattle, I highly recommend her.” – Anne