Kick pain to the curb.  Raise your energy.  Thrive on your path.
Get the support you need to take it to the next level.

Do you lay awake at night staring into the dark as your mind loops thought after endless thought, wondering how in the world you’re going to make it through the day tomorrow without a wink of sleep?

Or perhaps you struggle to keep engaged – unmotivated, unclear, clouded by depression – and you wonder, was it really worth getting out of bed this morning after all?

If you’ve got something that keeps you from thriving, you’re not alone.5 lights-123

What makes this acupuncture so spiffy?

You’ve probably heard that acupuncture can help with pain.  Maybe you even tried it once and it fixed your headache.  But you haven’t had acupuncture like this before. This acupuncture not only helps your headache, it also helps you sleep better at night, helps move the clouds of depression and helps you be at ease so you can respond to your stresses rather than let them control you.  It can even support you through relationship challenges, having clarity on your career, calming your mind and emotions, and excavating those malicious thoughts that you aren’t good enough.  This acupuncture goes beyond just patching up your bumps and bruises and sorts out all the knots that may be tying you up so that you can be vibrant, chill, and enjoy your life as you deserve.


Get Your Acupuncture On!
Classical 5 Element Private Practice

The style of this awesome acupuncture is called 5 Element (5E).  It can help vet out all your knots because of the way it works with the energy.   Energy flows different through you than it does me or anyone else, so I create a treatment plan with specific points that will help your body/mind/spirit resolve blockages and heal most optimally.  Another characteristic of 5E  is the needles go in, stimulate the qi (energy) and come back out.  This technique tells the qi – “Hey!  We gotta go this way!”  Because the message is so direct I use less needles and still get powerful results.
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  “I came to know Amber when I had my very first MS attack.  Since then she has helped me become more calm and grounded. When it comes to the MS, I believe her techniques calmed down my nervous system. Every time I leave her practice I have a sense of peace about me. She is very focused on the whole person. She takes the time to really address every issue you have weather its physical, emotional or spiritual. She is very caring. You can tell she has a passion for helping people. She is a very important part of my care team, perhaps the MOST important. If you are seeking acupuncture in Seattle, I highly recommend her.” – Anne

Jazz up your Healing with a Jam:  Acupuncture & a Personal Sound Bath!


If you have been dealing with the same pain forever.  Or perhaps you have a habit that you just can’t seem to kick.  If you’re feeling stuck, weighed down and tried of thinking the same thoughts over and over.. and over again.  Or perhaps you’re sailing through life smoothly but you can sense there’s more potential for you to tap.  A sound bath can help you peacefully karate chop those old habits and rise to a new level.

What the heck is a sound bath?!

A sound bath is a bath of vibrations.  It’s an instrumental concert where I use crystal singing bowls and a chakra drum to harmonize your energy.  You simply lay in a comfortable position and simply allow the vibrations from the instruments fill the room and wash over you.  It feels like a warm Jacuzzi, bubbly champagne, sunshine and all things nice.  It’s stimulating yet deeply relaxing and often patients leave having  experienced their body and minds in a whole new way.  Because of the way the singing  vibrations interact with our brainwaves a deep state of meditation can quickly be accessed.  This makes the body more receptive to letting go of old habits and correcting imbalances.

Acupuncture and sound baths are super powerful in and of themselves, but dovetail them together and you have a whole new kind of awesome.

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 “Amber’s approach to healing is thoughtful, insightful and effective. While her acupuncture on its own is lovely, I can’t get enough of her combination acupuncture/ singing bowls sessions. It’s the perfect blend of modalities. After my last session I felt deeply relaxed, balanced and ready to take on my hectic life like a zen master.” – Amy


Expanded Healing

Acupuncture is certainly effective at alleviating or resolving health challenges but it’s aces as a preventative medicine.  This means even if you don’t have anything specific to address coming in for a tune up helps keep it that way.

Acupuncture for Conscious Development
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In America we tend to think of our bodies as a linear operating system:  If there is an injury/illness deduct from the symptoms what is out of balance and correct it.  Even alternative healthcare providers are inclined to thinking this way.  In fact, if you look at any acupuncture chart you’ll see 361 dots, all connected by lines.  Yet, more and more scientists are discovering what the ancient Chinese learned long ago; energy does not work in a linear fashion, rather it functions dynamically and progressively.  By nature energetic forces seek balance and integration.  This is why acupuncture can be used to heal an injury or help your heart unfold and consciousness expand.

In my practice, I tailor my treatments to first establish harmony in the energy system.  Once established, following sessions focus on preventative medicine, or if interested can be tailored for energetic development.
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The healthiest – both spiritually and emotionally – I’ve been in my life is when I’ve been receiving regular acupuncture, but for too many years, I’d not maintained it. After getting a referral from a colleague and reading the content on Amber’s website, I booked an appointment with 5 Lights and was absolutely delighted with the treatment and have since returned regularly. I respond to both TCM and 5 Elements but they do have distinct methods and results. I’ll just say that 5E treats the soul as well as the body. I find Amber to be an excellent 5E practitioner, with a patient and intuitive manner. Each appointment I tell her what’s been happening inside/outside, then she checks my pulses and determines the treatment approach for that session. I find the moxibustion in conjunction with needles gives a holistic, transforming benefit that bolsters and secures me for a good time, bringing me back to myself in a way that I value dearly and deeply. When my sister came to visit Seattle, I got her a treatment with Amber, too, as I wished her to share the same positive experiences. Even though we are very different people and she was new to acupuncture, she told me she felt very good things from it. Billing is straightforward for me on my medical insurance, and appointment booking is also easy using Slate. For anyone seeking wonderful treatment, I can only give 5 Lights and Amber my highest endorsement.” – Alec